Marriage is natural. The bond between a man and a woman is an instinctive need for every person. More than that, it is even a necessity for the perfection of human life.

In Islamic teachings, marriage is recommended for those who are mature and capable. Allah commands parents to support their children’s marriages, and not to consider too much the material capabilities of prospective partners. However, at the same time, Allah also commands those who want to marry, but do not have the material means, to restrain themselves and maintain their chastity.

This book contains advice that can be used as a reference by every married couple to achieve sakinah in their domestic life. Because, the marriage desired by Allah and His Messenger aims to bring husband and wife together to experience “dynamic tranquility”, or in Al-Qur’an terms it is called “shekinah”.

This book is not only useful for those who are about to enter marriage, but for those who are already married, they will also get a lot of enlightenment which is very necessary in creating a sakinah family. Because sakinah is not a gift or blessing that just falls from the sky. But it is a condition that must be fought for through seriousness, patience, and sacrifice!

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